The Power of Priorities

Dear Friends,

Holly and I are getting ready for our first collaborative workshop this weekend at Finnriver Farm in Chimicum, WA. As I think about what we’d like to offer this group, I imagine us gathered in a quiet circle, surrounded by the vibrant life of a small farm: blueberry fields glistening with ready fruit; chickens doing their chicken thing; apples ripening on the trees.

And I understand that before Holly and I even say a word, the workshop truly began when each person made the commitment to come here, to set aside three hours of their busy lives for this time of introspection and writing.

So much of authentic living, it turns out, is about commitment. Deciding what’s important to us and arranging our lives so they reflect these priorities. It seems simple, but the world has a way of placing obstacles in our paths. Emily Dickinson once said: “The world is spell so exquisite that everything conspires to break it.” Some days it feels like that: one frustration after another, and our real lives somehow getting away from us.

And some days are the opposite: days that begin smoothly, with all our priorities in place, shining like beacons. We get things done easily, smoothly, and even have “extra” time leftover for whatever meets our fancy.

For five minutes, list your priorities for the day. Try to go beyond the obvious and be a little whimsical. What do you REALLY feel like doing? If you had all the time in the world, what would rise to the top of your list?

Then, for fifteen minutes, write a memory or a fantasy of  a time when all your priorities seemed in order: what did this feel like? What did you do (or what would you do?)  What does this scene show you about yourself that you might not have articulated before?

Holly and I are looking forward to the twenty people we’ll meet this Sunday, but we also want YOU to be there in spirit. Even if you haven’t been able to join us in person for the workshop, consider setting aside an hour or two this Sunday, September 2, to write, alone or with others. We’ll be at it from 1:30-4:30 Pacific time. Join in!

Thinking of you,
P.S: Save the date: October 27th in Port Townsend for our second workshop. Information here.

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