Table of Contents


Ways to Use This Book

Chapter 1        Sitting Down and Waking Up

Chapter 2        Details, Details, Details

Chapter 3        Reading as Contemplative Practice

Chapter 4        Opening the Senses

Chapter 5        Preparation is Everything

Chapter 6        Practice, Practice, Practice

Chapter 7        Contemplation at Work

Chapter 8        In Transition: Using the Moments in Between

Chapter 9        Reviving Our Spiritual Traditions

Chapter 10      On Sustenance: Eating as Contemplative Practice

Chapter 11      On Gratitude

Chapter 12      Travel as Contemplative Practice

Chapter 13      Encounters with the Wild

Chapter 14      Our Animal Companions

Chapter 15      Dwelling in Our Bodies

Chapter 16      Spacious Beauty: Responding to Art

Chapter 17      Allowing Emptiness

Chapter 18      On Mortality

Chapter 19      Befriending Solitude and Grief

Chapter 20      Balancing Contemplation and Action

A Final Offering