8 thoughts on “Spring is in the air….

  1. The only signs of spring linger in my imagination. A bold blizzard is bearing down on us and promises to blanket us with a couple feet of snow. Skiers and snowmobilers are ecstatic.
    The trees and streets outside look like the cover of Saturday Evening Post.
    Pesto made from basil grown in our garden last summer will be supper tonight.
    Yesterday I bought two bunches of red tulips to remind me that spring will return.
    Tomorrow Maine made snow angels decorated with yellow, pink, and free food coloring will decorate our white lawn.

  2. My bulbs are starting to peak their little heads above all the compost. The air is smelling almost spring like when I am walking my dog. My arugula is still green and tasty from the deep beds. Not bad for February!

  3. When the temperature peeks above freezing you can almost smell dirt. That’s as close as we are here in Salt Lake. Thanks for the pussy willow picture and its promise of Spring!

  4. Thanks for the spring dispatches from across the country! I love hearing that spring’s making an appearance here and there–except in the Northeast–we’re thinking of you, Rosemary. Love it that you buy tulips to remind you that spring WILL come…