Pen and the Bell comes home

Dear Friends,

The sun made a rare appearance on March 9 in Seattle—how could P & B possibly spend the day inside?  But P & B did, along with the 2500 participants who turned out for the Search for Meaning Book Festival 2013 hosted by Seattle University. It’s true that free admission helps, but so did the many stimulating authors, panels, discussions and beautiful gardens at Seattle University where we strolled between sessions.

DSCN5460 DSCN5459

We had over 60 participants show up for the Pen and Bell session: Making Room for Creativity and Contemplation in a Crowded World—and a crowded room it was, indeed. Thanks to many who were willing to sit on the floor, we shared a brief contemplative practice, followed by writing practice, then read and discussed a short poem in the spirit of Lectia Divina. We concluded by affirming one strategy we’d each use to carve out space in our lives for contemplation or creativity, whether it’s not checking email until noon or meeting friends at a local café to write together each week.

We ran out of time to share our writing with each other, but I hope some who attended might be willing to post what you wrote here, especially if you responded to the writing prompt about balance as we approach the Spring Equinox next week:  What might balance look like for you as we head into a new season? Write a poem or a scene in which your life is in balance.  

Thanks again to all who joined me in that crowded room—I wish there’d been time to meet you all, but I hope you’ll continue to stay in touch through this blog—where we’ll be posting information on Pen & Bell workshops in the upcoming months.


And from the other coast: Here’s a great video interview our publicist, Ben Jackson, did with Brenda in the midst of the wonderful chaos that was AWP.


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