Open House

Dear Friends,
Today I want to share with you a wonderful quote Erin posted on her blog “Being Poetry”:

“For me, the writing life doesn’t just happen when I sit at the writing desk. It is a life lived with a centering principle, and mine is this: that I will pay close attention to this world I find myself in. ‘My heart keeps open house,’ was the way the poet Theodore Roethke put it in a poem. And rendering in language what one sees through the opened windows and doors of that house is a way of bearing witness to the mystery of what it is to be alive in this world.”
                                                                  —Julia Alvarez

This week, see what happens when you consider your heart an “open house.” Does it scare you? Free you? Exhilarate you? What kind of writing emerges when we make ourselves this lovely and vulnerable?

Yesterday I spent the day in a wild frenzy of cooking (putting in stores for the week ahead.) At one point the kitchen starting filling with smoke from frying, so I opened all my doors. The wind blew in, flapping the curtains, scaring the cat, clattering the wind chimes, and in general making the kind of ruckus I’m usually so careful to avoid. The dog started barking. I started laughing. In this season when we’re “battening down the hatches,” it can feel so luscious to just open wide instead.

Yours truly,

P.S.: If you’re in the Seattle area, save the date: Holly and I will be reading at Elliot Bay Book Company on Sunday, Dec. 2, at 2:00. Hope to see you there!

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