Grateful for YOU


Dear Readers,
As blustery fall weather sweeps through the Northwest—and brings with it those long dark hours—we are remembering, with gratitude, our journey in writing The Pen and the Bell. The letters we wrote to one another became “a light in the darkness” for us and, we hope, for you.

We also have some good news we want to share! Holly received the prestigious Before Columbus American Book Award for her latest collection of poems, Passings. And Brenda received the 2017 Washington State Book Award in Memoir for her latest book An Earlier Life.

Passings-trade-cover-2-Expedition-Hughes-768x960             Front cover thumbnail for web or screen 2 inch

We’re both so grateful, not only to have our work recognized, but to know that our words have reached and touched others.

And we are always grateful for you, our first readers of The Pen and the Bell. If it’s been a while since you used the book, perhaps consider revisiting it for the holiday season, reviving a contemplative or writing practice—solo or with others. Or consider giving the book as a gift for those who struggle to find time for their own creativity in the midst of everyday life.

With love and light,

Brenda and Holly



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